Bats explode, as Georgia Tech gets a convincing 23-11 win over Long Island, in 7 innings.

After their big series-sweep against Tennessee Tech, the Yellow Jackets welcomed in the Long Island Sharks to Atlanta on Tuesday night. Georgia Tech went down 4-0 in the top of the first inning, but when it came time for the Yellow Jackets to bat, that 4-0 score was suddenly not even thought of.

On the mound, starting RHP Luke Schmolke went just 1.0 innings, before getting pulled. Schmolke gave up four runs on three hits, while walking three batters and striking out three batters. In relief, LHP Cody Carwile was handed the ball. Carwile went 2.0 innings, giving up three runs on four hits and walking three batters.

Carwile then handed the ball over to RHP Jackson Vaughan. Vaughan pitched for 3.0 innings and struck out four batters, while allowing no hits and no runs, for a perfect inning. To close the last inning out, RHP Drew Byers was given the go-ahead. Byers gave up four runs on three hits, while striking out one batter and walking two batters. But was still able to get three outs in the end, to seal the big victory over the Sharks.

At the plate, the Yellow Jackets were unstoppable. Needless to say, they quickly erased that 4-0 deficit, thanks to some timely hitting from this offense.

Jackson Finley led the way with a perfect 3-3 on the day. Finley hit three home-runs, one of those being a grand-slam. Angelo Dispigna also hit a two-run home-run, while Jack Rubenstein blasted a two-run bomb as well. Also contributing, Stephen Reid took part in the home-run derby, as he blasted a two-run rocket over the wall. The Yellow Jackets combined for 17 hits overall, scoring 23 runs on the night.

Georgia Tech will now look at part-two of their midweek matchups, as they will face the Kennesaw State Owls on Wednesday evening. First pitch is scheduled for 4pm and will be broadcast live on the ACC Network Extra.

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