Dominant pitching and powerful hitting, powers Georgia Tech past Tennessee Tech.

After a convincing 8-6 win over the Georgia Southern Eagles this past Tuesday night, Georgia Tech headed back to Atlanta where they are set to host Tennessee Tech. Game one of the series was, well, another very convincing win today.

Tennessee Tech started in the lead 1-0, but that wouldn’t last long, before Georgia Tech would rake and get a solid win. It was a total team effort today and though the weather wasn’t in anybody’s favor, it didn’t matter anyways.

On the mound, starting RHP Dawson Brown went six innings and had a career-high 12 strikeouts. Brown then handed the ball over to RHP Ben King, who went 2.0 innings, striking out five and allowing just one hit.

LHP Dalton Smith then received the go-ahead to close out the game. Dalton did just that. In his first appearance on the mound this season, Smith allowed just one hit and added another strikeout to already a whole load of strikeouts, from this bullpen.

At the plate, Jackson Finley led the way, going 4-for-5 with a home-run, four RBI, and a double. Also contributing, Jake DeLeo hit a solo homer; while Jadyn Jackson, John Giesler, and Angelo Dispigna each had a two-hit day apiece today. Angelo Dispigna hit a grand slam in the bottom of the eighth inning to nail down the game 10-3. The grand slam was a total of 422 feet and went 109 MPH. Lastly, Nicholas Romano drew an RBI walk and Stephen Reid hit a sac fly to bring in a run.

Georgia Tech will now rest up and get ready for game 2 tomorrow. That game will be set for a 2pm first pitch and will be broadcast live on the ACC Network Extra and can be listened to, at 91.1 FM.

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