COLUMN: D1 Baseball Releases Head-Scratching Poll, Do They Even Watch The Games?

*Before digging into this column piece, I want to make it known that the following thoughts reflect my own personal views and not the entire perspective of the Southern Slams Baseball staff. From an editorial perspective, D1 Baseball does a lot for the game of college baseball and is a game-changer in the stat-keeping market. I greatly appreciate the work those guys put in, but I tend to have an issue with their rankings system.*

Monday mornings are like Christmas to a college baseball fan, it’s when you get to see where your team is ranked after the past week of games. Maybe your team had a tough week and you look to see how far you fell, or maybe, like in the case of the Texas A&M Aggies, your team just won a series on the road against a top 15 team, for the second time, and you’re looking to see if your team has finally cracked the top 25 after another SEC series win.

Except in this case, as has been the case so often with polls in college sports, it seems as if the writers (loose definition here) don’t even watch baseball games. Here is the full top 25:

Now that you’ve seen the full top 25, I’m sure you have similar questions that I have, so I will do my best to answer them. Now my biggest problem with these rankings, has nothing to do with the fact that Texas A&M isn’t ranked, it comes down to, does Kendall Rodgers and D1 Baseball even watch the games.

The first clue that makes me think this doesn’t happen, is Texas being number 10 despite being 27-12 and dropping another conference series to an absolutely abysmal Kansas State team. Texas came into the weekend ranked number 7 and only fell three spots in the poll despite not winning a series against the last place team in the Big 12! There seems to be some major bias at this company, as an instate rival has an identical record, with an arguably better resume and a head to head win. More on that in a moment.

Another clue leading me to the conclusion that Kendall Rodgers and the staff at D1 Baseball don’t watch games, is the fact that Georgia who came into the weekend ranked 13th, and got thoroughly dominated by Texas A&M at home, including a 23-9 drubbing at the hands of the Aggies on Saturday, only fell 1 spot to number 14. Again, more on the Aggies in a moment. Now I’m not saying Georgia and Texas should be unranked, but I’d like to know what criteria goes into making this poll. Do losses matter or not?

Now onto the main issues I have with this poll, Texas A&M and even Alabama are arguably two of the hotter teams in the country at the moment. Alabama who was coming off a sweep of then No. 8 Ole Miss last weekend, entered a road trip to Knoxville to take on No. 1 Tennessee ranked 24th. The Tide took game one against the Volunteers, before dropping the final two games of the series in a hostile environment. If series losses don’t matter, then why is Alabama being punished for losing a series on the road to number 1, while Texas and UGA aren’t?

Now onto A&M, the Aggies shook off a rough start, and have come back to have a 22-13 record. Now on the surface 22-13 may not look great, but the Aggies have won two top 15 road series, the first was against then No. 7 LSU, in Baton Rouge, and then just this past weekends travelled to Athens and absolutely put it on the No. 13 Bulldogs, winning game 1 8-1, before taking them behind the woodshed in the finale, defeated the Bulldogs 23-9.

Not only did the Aggies defeat No. 13 Georgia and No. 7 LSU, but they also have wins over then No. 8 Texas on the road, a win over 15th ranked Texas State. The Aggies boast a 6-2 record against ranked teams on the year, despite this, the Aggies failed to crack the top 25, while Georgia, a team the Aggies dominated, only fell one spot in this weeks poll. If D1 Baseball and that fraud Kendal Rodgers don’t believe Texas A&M is a good team, then how does Georgia only fall one spot after losing a series at home to the Aggies.

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