Ruff’s Road to the Show Report

For this week’s interview we started the season off with none other than the SEC hit king, Jake Mangum. Jake played four seasons at Mississippi State before being drafted by the New York Mets in the 4th round of the 2019 MLB Draft. Jake is currently playing for the Binghamton Rumble Ponies of the AA Eastern League.

Q:What was your favorite SEC town or park to play in, outside of Mississippi state?

A:I really liked Georgia, I really liked the playing surface there. Atmosphere wise, LSU and Arkansas were the two best.

Q:What school had the most hostile fan base?

A:I’d say Arkansas, Arkansas has a very hectic fan base, really were into every pitch.

Q:What was the biggest adjustment you had to make from college to the minors?

A:Just to be able to take better swings on better pitches. I’m a really aggressive hitter and I had to zone in on the strike zone a little bit better. 

Q:Do you feel like you are a better player having stayed at Mississippi State for those two extra years rather than signing with the Yankees either time they drafted you?

A: Absolutely, every year you play baseball you develop, and I definitely feel like I developed those two years.

Q:How often in the minors do you play against guys you played against in college?

A: Almost every series, it’s crazy to see how many guys I’ve played against and how many guys I play with now, it’s crazy it’s a really cool thing.

Q:When state won the championship last year, you probably played with a lot of those players, correct? (Yes) Was that special for you to see the guys that you played with finally get Mississippi State to win a College World Series?

A: Absolutely man, when we came so close so many times, to see the guys finally pull it off was such a great feeling, and it was just great to see that. 

Now time for some fun ones: 

Q:Who was Favorite player or the player you modeled your game after growing up?

A: Chipper Jones.

Q:What is your Favorite baseball movie?

A: Major League 2 or The Natural.

Q:Which is more satisfying: throwing a runner out or making a diving catch?

A: Throwing a runner out.

Q:Who was your funniest college teammate?

A:Peyton Plumlee.

Q:Have you ever been on the wrong side of a dugout prank or have you been one of the perpetrators of a dugout prank?

A: Both.

Follow up Q: Who did you get and who got you?

A: I can’t remember, it happens all the time, we’ve got a good locker room.

My last question had to do with next week’s interviewee Parker Caracci, a high school teammate of Jake’s.

Q: Championship series, game five, two outs, bases loaded to win the series, who wins the battle?

A: Jokingly ask him who won the last… well I take that back, he got me in pro ball, but in college I got him good.

That’s all for this week’s interview! Make sure to tune in next week as we have more content coming your way!

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