Is Texas A&M actually a cult?

Texas A&M is a university with rich traditions and years of success on the baseball diamond.

The Aggies are experiencing a bit of a rebuild, but do look poised to return to return to the tournament in a few years.

However, this topic of the day isn’t so much related to the Aggies’ on-field performance.

The Aggies have been labeled a cult lately for several reasons.

On the baseball field, Aggies still chant some rather funny things at teams like “Ball Five” …

Now, I don’t think Ball Five is a true cult activity, but the rest of A&M’s “tradition” puts it up for debate.

Let’s take a look at why the Aggies might be a bit culty…

Here’s three main reasons!

One thought on “Is Texas A&M actually a cult?

  1. Midnight Yell is Yell Practice. In hopes that our support on game day will hep. Fish camp, yes is designed to teach the students of our traditions. Yell Practice, Silver Taps, Muster and more. The Halloween march is likley a Corp of Cadets activity. We do not praise a single entity as all knowing, nor do we exclude you because you do not participate in the traditions, and we do not think if you do not join us you will die or be shunned. Cult – No

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