2022 Season Open Weekend Preview

2022 NC State Baseball Opens Up With Evansville at 3pmET on Friday

Fri SP S.Highfill17

Sat SP M.Willadsen23

Sun SP D.Harrison10

Expect to see D.Brown3 who is returning after a good JR Season in CF and Expect to See N.Soles2 in RF

3B Should Be Penn Transfer Josh Hood But would not be surprised to see D.Giles20 get some looks at 3B this season

SS FR Payton Green

2B JT.JARRETT15 who is also returning after a good JR Season

1B UNC Charlotte Transfer Gino Groover and FR Tommy White

Starting Catcher Should be FR Jacob Cozart and wouldn’t be surprised to see M.Oldhan31 Grad Transfer from ELON to get some looks behind the plate and some 1B this season and Same with UNLV Transfer Jacob Godman but he can also play some LF

Now LF with be G.Groover6 E.Eisert11 and C.Nixon12 to start the season

Backup CF is Fr Carter Lindsay 39

DH to start the season should be D.Pilolli13

Closer to start the season C.Villaman16

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