Column: Eight for Omaha Preseason Edition

Last night on the SSB Podcast, John Roberts and I discussed our eight teams for Omaha, which will be fully revealed later in the day when the podcast comes out.

However, I wanted to go ahead and pen my thoughts on my first rendition of an ‘Omaha Eight’ …

This year at SSB, I will be doing a unique weekly column, which selects eight teams each week that are fit for the last dance in middle America.

Given the impact of two shortened MLB Drafts, Covid seniors, the transfer portal and NIL, college baseball is arguably stronger than its ever been before.

Due to all these factors, I’m confident when I say this list is going to change… perhaps a lot…

My Omaha Eight list is based off my own method of judging past success, roster turnover, coaching changes, preseason predictions, injury reports and much more. There isn’t a specific criteria to make the cut, which makes the group unique.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

And remember, these aren’t necessarily my current Top 8 teams in the sport, but the ones I see making it deep into the tournament, which are listed in no particular order.

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