NC State Baseball timeline to the drama

Also for you anti Covid19 Vaccine People here is a time-line on The Pack 9

Ok in November of 2019 till January 20 Some of The Former and Current Players had the flu but I have a feeling it was Covid19 before Covid19 was a big deal now fast forward to The Baseball Tournament in Minneapolis Minnesota in 2020 Some of the players were sick but played through it also again this was before Covid19 was a thing now fast forward to November 2020 to January 2021 a couple of the players got the Covid19 before the season started and then now fast forward to the week of the Duke Series that was when Butler Got Covid19 now let’s fast forward to omaha nebraska a couple of the players got both shots and some of them got their first shot and not the 2 shot yet also before all of this started a couple of people on the team got a stomach bug virus and then everyone was fine now fast forward to the day before the first Vanderbilt game JT miss practice with a stomach bug and then the day of the game his test was fine and he felt better so he played now fast forward to the next day when all of the sudden he tested positive for Covid19 and then the next day he tested positive 2 times and went back home so Justice had to be stuck in the hotel till Monday because he was roommates with JT so that night Justice tested negative for Covid19 Ok fast forward to the day of our last game of the season that morning all of the sudden Justice tested positive for Covid19 and had to be sent home later that day somehow Corbin and Vanderbilt AD heard about it 15 minutes before first pitch and demanded that the whole team get tested before the game so they ran out of tested and the players that haven’t gotten the shot of haven’t had their 2 shot had to go back to the hotel or go somewhere else to find a Covid19 tested because they rain out of them because they tested them all 6 times on Friday and all of them tested negative for Covid19 and couldn’t get back to the ballpark in time for the game so later that day the none Vaccine and 1 shot players got tested again and again they all tested negative but then that night out of nowhere they decided to tested all of the Vaccine players and 4 of the 6 tested positive for Covid19 and later that night/morning the team had a meeting at the hotel to say that the season was over and around 2Am CT the 21 players went to the ballpark to take one last picture together and the NCAA didn’t want them to be at the ballpark but they didn’t want to make more of it then they already did also since they video the players getting their test done without their permission the NCAA should be in more trouble than they are in also let’s fast forward to the day that they came home from Omaha nebraska on Saturday all of them but the 6 people came back home on a private plane and on late Sunday Afternoon the 6 people came back home to Raleigh NC on a private jet as well

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