Southern Slams Baseball Hoover Bracket Challenge

It’s time for the inaugural Southern Slams Baseball Hoover Bracket Challenge!

Think you’ve got what it takes to predict the winner of the most unpredictable conference tournament in sports?

Let’s see what you’ve got!

Fill out the following form while looking at this year’s 2021 bracket to compete for a chance at the podium in our Southern Slams Hoover Bracket Challenge!

*Look at a printed bracket or a bracket in a different browser while filling out the form, it makes it much easier!*

Click HERE to enter the bracket challenge!

The Top 3 finishers will receive prizes Sunday afternoon following the conclusion of Game 17.

*Send us a screenshot of your printed out bracket with hand drawn winners, a digitally edited copy or a list of the teams you have winning each game on this bracket to if you cannot fill out the form*

Tuesday, May 25              

Game 1 (9:30 a.m.) – #6 Florida vs. # 11 Kentucky [SEC Network]

Game 2 (TBD) –  #7 South Carolina vs. #10 Alabama [SEC Network]

Game 3 (4:30 p.m.) – #8 Georgia vs. #9 LSU [SEC Network]

Game 4 (TBD) – #5 Ole Miss vs. #12 Auburn [SEC Network]


Wednesday, May 26      

Game 5 (9:30 a.m.) – #3 Mississippi State vs. Winner Game 1 [SEC Network]

Game 6 (TBD) – #2 Tennessee vs. Winner Game 2 [SEC Network]

Game 7 (4:30 p.m.) – #1 Arkansas vs. Winner Game 3 [SEC Network]

Game 8 (TBD) – #4 Vanderbilt vs. Winner Game 4 [SEC Network]

Thursday, May 27            

Game 9 (9:30 a.m.) – Loser Game 5 vs. Loser Game 6 [SEC Network]

Game 10 (TBD) – Loser Game 7 vs. Loser Game 8 [SEC Network]

Game 11 (4:30 p.m.) – Winner Game 5 vs. Winner Game 6 [SEC Network]

Game 12 (TBD) – Winner Game 7 vs. Winner Game 8 [SEC Network]


Friday, May 28  

Game 13 (3:00 p.m.) – Winner Game 9 vs. Loser Game 11 [SEC Network]

Game 14 (TBD) – Winner Game 10 vs. Loser 12 [SEC Network]

Saturday, May 29             

Game 15 (Noon) – Winner Game 13 vs. Winner Game 11 [SEC Network]

Game 16 ( TBD) – Winner Game 14 vs. Winner Game 12 [SEC Network]


Sunday, May 30                

Game 17 (2 p.m.) –  Winner Game 15 vs. Winner Game 16 [ESPN2]

May the best player win!

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