Arkansas Stays on Top, Vandy Doesn’t Drop in New Baseball America Rankings

13 of the top 16 spots are occupied by teams from the South in Baseball America’s latest Top 25. 5 of the top 8 teams are from the SEC and 2 of the top 8 are from Texas. Full rankings:

1. Arkansas

2. Vanderbilt

3. Notre Dame

4. Texas

5. Tennessee

6. Mississippi State

7. Texas Tech

8. Florida

9. Arizona

10. East Carolina

11. Ole Miss

12. Florida State

13. Oregon

14. Texas Christian

15. Louisiana Tech

16. Charlotte

17. Stanford

18. UC Irvine

19. Louisville

20. Old Dominion

21. South Carolina

22. Southern Miss

23. Michigan

24. North Carolina State

25. Gonzaga

For a full breakdown of the updated rankings, check here:

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