Arkansas holds off terrific Tennessee team, makes statement as Omaha favorite

Sunday, the Arkansas Razorbacks held off Tennessee to win their 9th straight SEC series.

Arkansas will head into the final weekend of SEC play with a stronghold on the regular season title race, looking to earn the top seed in both Hoover and the National field.

Dave Van Horn’s squad showed resilience, erasing deficits in all three games this weekend. The Hogs will finish out with Florida at home next weekend, looking to lock up a division, a conference and two No. 1 seeds.

You have to tip your cap to this squad for all that they have accomplished so far. The Hogs’ “bad weekends” have been 2-1 close series victories over teams like Georgia and LSU.

Any “struggle” for this club would be a celebrated achievement for anyone else.

Now, the question is, can this team get it done? Arkansas baseball is essentially the Georgia football of baseball. The Bill Self-led Kansas or Michigan State basketball on the diamond.

Always winning, always making postseason runs, just coming up short in Hoover and Omaha. Is this the year the Hogs earn some postseason hardware?

It sure does look like it. The Hogs would easily be my pick to win it all this season. But alas, that is much easier said than done.

Kevin Kopps, Rob Moore and the rest of this Razorback squad are ready to quiet their doubters. Just as they’ve done all year long.

A sweep of the Big 3 in the Big 12 at Arlington and a perfect weekend series record in the SEC back that up. Oh and don’t forget the road series over potential regional host Louisiana Tech.

Incredible. Watch out for these Razorbacks. The most resilient, tough and clutch team in baseball is ready to kick some ass at a stadium near you.

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