Regional Bids on the Line!

(Photo Courtesy of South Carolina Athletics)

The Gamecocks will travel to daunting Swayze Field to take on the Ole Miss Rebels for the first time since 2018, where the Gamecocks took the series 2-1.

Coming into the series, the Rebels are ranked 19th, with a 28-12 record, coming off a series loss to LSU. The Gamecocks on the other hand are ranked 13th, with a 26-12 record, coming off a loss to Arkansas. This series will have huge implications on the final regional bids.

The Rebels have have lost their last 4 series against SEC foes and will be hoping to get back on track. Over the course of the last few weeks, the Rebels have dropped from ranked 3rd to 19th and will hope to stop the bleeding against the Gamecocks.

The Gamecocks are trying to recover from their 2nd SEC series loss of the year. The Gamecocks have been up and down when it comes to consistency. The Gamecocks have had difficulties finding their bats and with the lack of run support seem to start every series on the backfoot.

Keys to the Series for Ole Miss:

  1. Gunnar Hoglund! Gunnar Hoglund is one of the premier pitchers in the nation when his stuff is going for him. He was scratched from his start against LSU and his health for this weekend will definitely be something to keep an eye on.
  2. Run Support! Since Tim Elko has went down the Rebels have struggled to keep themselves in games, while one player can’t score all the runs, Tim Elko has been the heartbeat and is the captain of the Rebels. It’s time for someone to step up for the Rebels and rally the team.
  3. Homefield! There aren’t many ballparks that have the effect that Swayze Field can have on the Rebels. When Swayze is rocking the Rebels can be favored over anyone ,and if it is as rowdy as it can be the Rebels could have the upperhand!

Keys to the Series for South Carolina:

  1. Friday Night! The Gamecocks kryptonite all season has been their inability to get their bats going on Friday nights. Whether that is first game jitters or the quality of the opposition pitcher. The Gamecocks can’t expect themselves to consistently dig themselves out of 0-1 deficits.
  2. Wes Clarke and Brady Allen! The Gamecocks are truly fueled by two bats. When the “Soul Slayers” are swinging at a high level, it is contagious! The Gamecocks can put a crooked one on the board in an instant.
  3. Pitching! The Gamecocks staff have been among the best in the SEC all year ,but the time in which it becomes extremely important is down the home stretch ,when the games mean twice as much. Keep an eye on Kerry and Bosnic out of the bullpen to shut the door and Peters coming on in relief for one of the starters if they struggle.

Pitching Matchups:

Friday: 🐔 Thomas Farr #34 (3.36 era, 2-4 record) vs 🔴🔵 Gunnar Hoglund #17 (2.73 era, 3-2 record)

Saturday: 🐔 Brannon Jordan #22 (3.04 era, 4-2 record) vs 🔴🔵 Doug Nikhazy #26 (1.81 era, 4-2 record)

Sunday: 🐔 Will Sanders (2.70 era, 6-2 record) vs 🔴🔵 Drew McDaniel #2 (4.15 era, 4-0 record)

It will be a fantastic weekend of baseball at Swayze Field!!

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