New USA TODAY Coaches Poll features bit of shakeup to Top 25

The USA TODAY Coaches poll was released on Monday featuring the lists of coaches from around the country.

To no surprise, the Arkansas Razorbacks held on to the top spot in the polls after notching a series win over Texas A&M.

The Razorbacks have the most impressive resume in the country right now and keep finding a way to finish out an in-conference series, no matter the adversity that comes their way.


Here’s a look at the rest of the Top 25.

  1. Arkansas
  2. Vanderbilt
  3. Texas
  4. Mississippi State
  5. Tennessee
  6. Texas Tech
  7. TCU
  8. ECU
  9. Louisville
  10. Ole Miss
  11. South Carolina
  12. Notre Dame
  13. Oregon
  14. Florida
  15. LA Tech
  16. Stanford
  17. Arizona
  18. Pittsburgh
  19. Oklahoma State
  20. Old Dominion
  21. Charlotte
  22. Virginia Tech
  23. Michigan
  24. Indiana State
  25. Miami


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