Losing Sucks; Welcome to the Life of an LSU Fan

I have no idea where to begin. LSU is not in a very good place. Starting conference play 1-8, but arguably could be 6-2 or 5-3, stings. Losing a starting pitcher due to an arm injury, stings. Having an almost non-existent offense, but yet are near the top in home runs, stings. Seeing your bullpen struggle, even though they should be thriving, stings. There is just a weird feeling in the air, and where this could lead to for the program is a huge question mark.

One positive, all position players should be back next year. We will see some transfers most likely, but as a whole we will have a veteran offense next season.

Jaden Hill……… I feel terrible for him. Maybe his injury isn’t serious. But if it is, it would be sad to think that he may have played his final collegiate game. It also leads to the question, who is the next starter? More than likely Marceaux keeps the Friday night spot and Labas moves to Saturdays. Blake Money has looked good as of late, Will Helmers has also looked really good. Ty Floyd has the stuff, but so far just hasn’t shown that he can consistently go 5+ innings.

I am not going to sit here and scream “Fire Paul!” I can’t do it. It isn’t my place to do so, but I can tell you that AD Scott Woodward is the best in the business and definitely knows the history of the baseball program and knows that the prestige needs to return.

LSU has a trend where they always get hot late in the season. If I am Alan Dunn, I am calling a meeting and having a coming to Jesus meeting with the pitching staff and tell them that it is open competition and that I want to see why you dress out in the purple and gold. Let a new talent emerge and earn that starting spot.

Personally I do not have many positive things to say in this opinion piece, but I will not give up on the team. Losing is no fun, especially when winning is consistently expected. It is now a new week, let’s take care of McNeese State and go from there.

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