Doing Duty in the Dude

Every year in college baseball, we have match ups that we can only hope for. One such match up this year has been Arkansas visiting Mississippi State. Even before the season started, we had players from both teams talking smack on Twitter. The back and forth sometimes was comical, it was always entertaining, and it was good for the sport.

This past week, we finally got to see the match up. Arkansas traveled to Starkville as the #2 ranked team in the majority of polls while Mississippi State was ranked #3. This was sure to be an epic battle at the famed Dudy Noble, often referred to as the “Taj Mahal of college baseball” because of the fan amenities.

When you spend $50 million for a stadium, you hope that somehow it gives you a homefield advantage. Apparently, in Mississippi, they forgot to add that mojo to the blueprints of this mecca. Not only did it not help the players on the field, it wasnt even close. In what many thought could be a 2-1 series either way, nobody expected to see what unfolded. Arkansas not only won the series, it wasnt even close. The Hogs swept the Bulldogs, outscoring them 25-11 along the way, and left no doubt who the better team was. Coupled with the two midweek wins over Memphis, Arkansas went 5-0 on the week and is awarded the College Baseball Smack Golden Broom for week 6. Im sure Hog fans everywhere will be hollering “WooPig Sooey” as they cherish the broom and post it for all their SEC bretheren to see.

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