Ole Miss Humiliated by a G5 School

Ole Miss and Louisiana Tech were set to engage in a 2 day midweek battle. Game 2 was canceled because of Covid concerns, and thank God it was.

Ole Miss looked awful in the 1 game that they did play. Louisiana Tech has spent this year christening their brand new Love Shack, and with the Rebels traveling to Ruston, they fell victim to the energy inside the new stadium. Mallitz is tagged with a loss in this one after a, not so spectacular, 4-inning start in which he allowed 3 runs. Logan Savell then followed that up with 3 runs earned of his own without even recording an out. Austin Miller came in to clean things up for his guys, but even he allowed 1 of his own to score.

Adcock and Johnson were victims of shoddy defensive play from a Rebel team that had clearly given up hope behind them, and the Bulldogs’ lead continued to grow. Murrell only needed 24 pitches to record 6 outs and allowed nobody to score when his time came to pitch, but the game was already well out of hand.

Normally this is where I start detailing all the incredible offensive performances of the game. There were none. Sure Kevin Graham managed to get on a few times and Ben Van Cleve came up with a timely hit in the 6th to score him, but with all the “0 fors” that the Rebel offense had, there was not much too much to be proud of.

Thank God the game on Wednesday was cancelled. The bullpen can get some rest before the SEC schedule gets going this weekend. Auburn is a decent team. Ole Miss has lost games this season to lessor teams, but at least the Rebels aren’t locked in a super hard opening match-up like everybody else in the West is.

If Ole Miss loses this series they can forget about reading about themselves every Monday morning in the “8 for Omaha” reports. If they pick up a sweep, they will expect to stay among the elites. This team needs to peak right now. The is the SEC and this young roster hasn’t had to experience the gauntlet before. The next 10 weekends will go a long way in determining which teams from the SEC are CWS contenders and which will be lucky to make it out of regional tournaments. Let’s pray the Rebs make a statement this weekend the same way they did the season opener in Arlington.

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