LSU vs New Orleans Preview

LSU travels down to New Orleans to take on UNO in a mid-week match up that will see rising freshman pitcher Will Hellmers take the mound. This will be the second game of a five game week for the Tigers, who are coming off of a 10-4 victory over Texas Southern Tuesday night. UNO head coach and LSU legend Blake Dean look to upset the Tigers tonight at home, in what is always a fun match up.

The Privateers are hitting .198 as a team and are led by third baseman Kasten Furr, who is batting .290 and is on a five game hitting streak. As a team they have hit seven homeruns and allowed six. They have stolen 8-10 bases while opponents are 16-21 on the base paths.

LSU is going into this game currently going through some growing pains. Small mistakes have been very costly lately for the Tigers and the team is still getting in sync with each other. If Hellmers hits the mound and controls the strike zone it could be a long night for UNO. Freshman Tre’ Morgan is currently playing some phenomenal baseball. He is making plays at first that are nearly impossible for the average first baseman, while also riding a 10 game hitting streak. Last night Morgan went 3-5 against Texas Southern with a single, double and a triple. He leads the team with a .396 batting average(19 of 48) and only five strikeouts on the season.

LSU has struggled with consistency at the plate. While as a team they are hitting .294, that is due to the top heavy line up, where six everyday guys are hitting above .300. Freshman Jordan Thompson has come on strong as of late and while flirting in the .100’s, he has brought his average up to .256 and has provided some very quality at bats. Cade Beloso and Alex Milazzo are the only two that are “struggling,” but Milazzo has had some better at bats as of late and Beloso can’t get anything to hit because he has been walked or hit by a pitch 15 times in 13 games. Beloso is due for a big game very soon and no better time to start than when you get into SEC play.

Alex Milazzo has a great arm and overall is a great defensive player behind the plate. His hitting is improving, as he has recorded a hit in two of the last three games. With the push from Jake Wyeth, that is also a good way to help boost performance. Once Milazzo get his offense set, he has a chance to not only be a high future draft pick but even make the Johnny Bench Award watchlist.

Hopefully things come together and the small mistakes go away, since we are only nine days from conference play. I would think that Maineri would let Hellmers go 3-5 innings tonight and we may see Michael Fowler or Alex Brady come in to close out the game.

Final Prediction: LSU 9 UNO 2

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