LSU Defeats Texas Southern 10-4 (Highlight Video)

Tuesday night, LSU defeated Texas Southern 10-4 in a very weird match up. Texas Southern gave LSU about all that they could, but LSU was able to power back and secure the win. The weird part of the game came behind the plate, wild pitches, passed balls, bobbles, etc. Overall it was just a weird match up.

Ma’Khail Hilliard really came in clutch last night in relief. He went 3.1 Innings and allow 0 runs 0 hits, had 5k’s and 0BB’s.

The fun part of the game was the modified line up for LSU. Cade Doughty returned after a shoulder injury and hit a homerun in his first at bat back. Doughty(the normal second baseman) played third base, Jordan Thompson(the normal third baseman) played short stop, and Zach Arnold(the normal short stop) remained at second base. The infield looked good overall and it’ll take a few games for them to get in sync, but this could truly be the correct line up.

Below are the video highlights from last nights game.

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