What Does a Duck Do With a Golden Broom?

Ladies and gentlemen, the results in!!! That admin crew from your College Baseball Smack has spoken and we will soon find out the answer to this intriguing question.

The Week 3 Golden Broom is being presented to the Oregon Ducks. After a slight delay due to life obstacles, the admins voted 7-1 to reward the green and gold for going 4-0 against the #7 UCSB Gouchos in California. So far every team that has won a broom has gone out and struggled the next week. Will Oregon also fall victim to this curse?

The competition this week was strong. There were 4 teams in contention including South Carolina, Southern Illinois, Oregon, and Oklahoma State. OSU was later determined to be ineligible due to a tie on Sunday.

Congratulations to Oregon. Good luck in breaking the Curse of the Golden Broom!!

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