College Baseball Games To Watch on 3/9/21

Liberty at UNC Chapel Hill:

I wouldn’t be surprised if Liberty pulls of the upset today. Liberty a few years ago Upset WF, VT, UNC Chapel Hill and also made it to the Chapel Hill Regionals. They have a very good program with a very good coaching staff lead by Former Tar Heel AC Scott Jackson. The Flames are fresh off a sweep of UCF, who beat a talented Ole Miss ball club in Oxford.

ECU at Duke:

This should be a very good game. The last time these 2 teams met was on Feb 23rd at ECU and ECU win that Game 6 to 1. Both teams have gotten a lot better since then.

VCU at VT:

This is another interesting game. VT has won 2 big series so far this year vs Miami and UNC Chapel Hill. VT will probably win this game, but I still wouldn’t be surprised if VCU upsets them. Since VCU has been known to upset a lot of teams in the past and a few years ago made it to the Miami Super Regionals, you never know what could happen here…

FAU at Miami:

The Canes are coming off of a series win at NC State but don’t go to sleep on FAU because they are known for winning games vs Power 5 teams. I wouldn’t be surprised if FAU goes into Miami and leaves with an upset win like it did last week against Florida.

Georgia State at Florida:

This is a game that could go either way. Georgia State has a 4-9 record, but don’t let that fool you. They have had one of the hardest schedules this year and have already upset WVU, Vanderbilt and GT. However, Florida has a very good ball club as well. If the GSU that played in last week’s midweek at GT shows up, look out. If the weekend GSU shows up, this should be a relatively easy win for Florida.

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