State of the Union: Where Does LSU Go From Here?

Out the gate, the SEC has shown just how dominant that they will be this season. With the LSU Tigers, you see the potential is there. The explosion of offense against a deep ball happy veteran Louisiana Tech team gave you a special feeling, like the one from teams of old. It is very clear that this team is hungry and seeing players finally break out of their two game slumps and find the gaps was refreshing. But can the Tigers ride out this momentum going forward?

Look at Javen Coleman. Makes his debut and looked like a veteran on the mound. LSU has been in desperate need for a good lefty and Coleman came out firing at 93MPH and throwing strikes. He joins Brandon Kaminer as one of two solid leftys on the roster.  Alex Brady and Jacob Hasty showed over the weekend that they have some good stuff and their futures are both bright. The fact that the Tigers have four leftys that can produce important outs is a very positive sign for the future of the season.

Hayden Travinski was able to pinch hit on Monday against Louisiana Tech and provided a very clutch single and showed great plate discipline in his at bat. With the injury of Gio DiGiacomo, there is a chance you will see some modified outfield looks and Travinski taking DH reps. After a good outing, Jake Wyeth may also give Alex Milazzo some solid competition for the starting Catcher position.

Jordan Thompson was another name that really had a great outing Monday night and may have locked down the third base position. Great defender, great arm and has nice pop in his bat. He definitely showed why he was recruited to come to LSU.

For me as of now I could see the following line up going forward:

1B Tre Morgan

2B Cade Doughty

SS Zach Arnold

3B Jordan Thompson

LF Cade Beloso/Gavin Dugas

CF Mitchell Sanford/Mo Hampton

RF Dylan Crews

SP: Jaden Hill, Landon Marceaux, AJ Labas, Brandon Kaminer and Javen Coleman

Where is Collier Cranford? He was a solid defender at SS in the shortened season in 2020 and closed the season as the hottest bat on the roster. He made a brief appearance against Louisiana Tech but that’s all. I hope to see him show up into the lineup soon, because he is a very talented player and he deserves a chance to shine.

There are still 53 regular season games to go and you can never base the future of the season off of the opening weekend. But you can definitely get excited with what is still to come. Dylan Crews is as advertised, Tre Morgan is as advertised and neither seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Hopefully the momentum carries on to ULL tonight and the Tigers come out on top.

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