College Baseball Smack Presents Weekly Awards

Our beloved sport of college baseball is full of passionate fans. As such, we enjoy talking trash with fans of our opponents. One of the ways the admin staff of College Baseball Smack on Facebook has found to increase this is by giving out some random awards. Putting our heads together, we have created several of these. The biggest is called The Golden Broom. Our broom is awarded weekly. The criteria to be eligible for this award is that a team must sweep the entire week of games from Monday thru Sunday. Once we compile the list of teams that has done so, we then debate amongst ourselves which sweep is the most eye catching of the week. This team will then be awarded a Golden Broom, complete with graphics done by Mr. Cody Slovensky. Occasionally, this is something hard to decide, so we have set some guiding factors: A sweep on the road carries more weight than a sweep at home, a sweep versus a ranked opponent carries more weight than a non ranked opponent, more games carries more weight than fewer games. There have been times when a team was awarded a Golden Broom despite all of the factors not being prevalent. One such example would be from 2020 when we awarded a Golden Broom to Boise State simply because it was their very first season returning to the sport and they pulled off a sweep. This week, it came down to two teams with eye popping sweeps on the road versus ranked opponents. In fact, both of these occurred in the same tournament-the State Farm College Baseball Showdown. After looking at all of the factors including scores, method of which each team won, the admin staff is proud to announce that the first winner of a Golden Broom in 2021 is the Ole Miss Rebels!!!

Honorable mentions go to Arkansas and Clemson.

Another award the admin staff at College Baseball Smack hands out is what we have decided to call a Flame Award. This is given to ANY team that has a win streak of 15 or more games. While the season is only 3,4 or even 5 games old, there is a team with a current win streak of 19 games. We have decided that we are going to include results from 2020 in this because not a single fan asked that our beloved sport would get shut down as it did. Currently, the Ole Miss Rebels are on a 19 game win streak and are hereby awarded a Flame Award!!

Stay tuned to future updates and weekly awards being handed out. Hopefully we can hand out multiple Flames, multiple teams win a Broom, and we continue to grow our sport and the reach of CBS and SSB!!!!!!!!

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