Baseball America Releases New Top 25 After Opening Weekend

Baseball America, the iconic scouting and analysis hub for everything baseball, has released its first Top 25 of the regular season.

After a great weekend of games across the country from sun up to sun down, here is how things shuffled out.

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1. Ole Miss

2. Virginia

3. Miami

4. Vanderbilt

5. Louisville

6. Arkansas

7. Florida

8. MSU

9. FSU

10. TCU

11. Duke

12. Texas Tech

13. LSU

14. UCLA

15. NC State

16. South Carolina

17. Tennessee

18. Texas

19. UCSB

20. Michigan

21. Georgia Tech

22. Alabama

23. Arizona

24. ECU

25. Oklahoma

This marks the first time since the rankings inception in 1981 that Ole Miss has claimed the top spot.

UCF drops out of the list after a poor showing against FAU.

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