WE ARE BACK, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

The year of 2020 brought many things to the lives of Americans that we will never forget-murder hornets, the Pentagon releasing UFO videos, monkey riots, Tiger King, Q Anon, and perhaps the strangest of all, mystery seeds being randomly sent to people that never even ordered seeds. It also brought us as college baseball fans something that will never be forgotten. 2020 brought us silence, sadness, empty ballparks, and numerous questions regarding the future of the game we love so much.

In January 2020, our nation was introduced to a new virus that had never been seen, COVID-19. As the days and weeks went by, we became faced with the reality that this was something that was forever going to change lives. It brought us social distancing, masks, and hand sanitizer, among other things. On March 12, it brought us as college baseball fans an announcement that we had hoped would not come-that the NCAA was pulling the plug on the 2020 season. Gone like a thief in the night were the simple sounds of a ping caused by a ball hitting a metal bat, the scent of hot dogs and popcorn, a dugout chirping at an opposing pitcher. It took away rally caps, rally possums, dirty uniforms. It did something that even ESPN couldnt do-it silenced a whistler.

Now we fast forward. In the fall, the restrictions on sports began to lighten. Football became a thing. Suddenly, the college baseball fans had something to look forward to–fall practice. And it came in a far different form than we could have imagined. We had far less on the field teaching and far more classroom instruction via zoom. Rather than having normal fall scrimmages teams were only allowed intrasquad scrimmages. We still had concerns, though. Many conference commissioners still had not given the ok for teams to play in 2021. Slowly, that began to happen. One by one, conferences would start giving the green light, followed by schools. The mood began to feel much better among fans of the sport.

Today, February 19, 2021, WE ARE BACK!!!! Opening day. The most exciting time for college baseball fans quite possibly in the history of the sport. Despite schools only allowing a very limited number of fans to attend games, our spirits are high. At 2 pm EST today in Athens, Georgia and Atlanta, Georgia, our beloved sport breathed life. Today, college baseball told COVID “WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH”!!!!!! Once those words “PLAY BALL” were sounded, our sport stood up and launched a bomb over the left field seats off of the COVID starting pitcher.

WE ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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