College Baseball Smack Preseason Top 25

Whoa!! What in the world is College Baseball Smack? Who are these guys? Is this legit? Those are some of the questions you may be asking yourself right about now. In this press release, my aim will be to introduce you to College Baseball Smack, the people behind it, the methodology of how we come up with our preseason ranking, and unveil the 3rd Annual College Baseball Smack Preseason Top 25.


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We are delighted to announce a partnership between CBS and SSB to bring you direct coverage of the game you love in even more formats.

Let us start off with what is College Baseball Smack. CBS is a private group on Facebook dedicated to the game of college baseball. It was created on February 19, 2014 with the simple goal-to be the go to place on Facebook to talk about the sport of college baseball. It was found that at that time there were very few groups dedicated to the sport and the idea was born that since the sport was growing in popularity, there needed to be a forum on social media where fans of opposing teams could interact and share information. The creator was myself and my best friend, Bubba Bryant. Today, he is still one of my admins and my admin staff has grown to 8 people.

Who are these guys? Bubba Bryant is the cofounder along with me. He is a diehard Minnesota Gopher fan and my representative of the Big 10. Next in line would be Cody Slovensky- follower of your mighty proud LSU Tigers. He has been the 2nd longest serving member of my admin team and is our graphic arts supplier. Next, I have Vincent Muehr-A huge Texas fan with a great baseball mind. He really follows the college sport as well as anyone I have met. Ben Frey comes slamming in from way out west repping the Oregon State Beavers and highly knowledgeable in all things PAC 12. Brad Molle is a tried and true Iowa Hawkeye and very knowledgeable Big 10 study. Southern Slams Baseball’s very own Justin Cooke comes to us as an ACC information nugget with a deep affinity for North Carolina State and Duke. Justin Branham hails from Louisville and is a pure bred Cardinal fan. Matt Downs is a Vol4Life and incredible baseball mind. His insights into the UT program as well as the SEC as a whole serves as a perfect sounding board when comparing other teams and conferences to the teams of the SEC. I am a Vanderbilt Commodores diehard that is immensely thankful for baseball under Tim Corbin since I have to suffer through football season every year and watch my beloved black and gold be the brunt of so many jokes. Without these guys helping me, CBS could not have grown from 2 guys talking about baseball to a group that now has 868 members and is still growing daily.

As for our rankings-are they legit? Honestly, that is up to you as a fan to decide. We are just a bunch of random fans that love the game enough to do something like this. The way we do this is each member of the admin team will present their own preseason top 25 in our admin chat. We assign a point value for each position (ie A first place ranking will get 25 points while a #25 ranking will get 1 point). We then add up the point totals for every team between the 8 admins. In our 3rd year of doing this, we have never had a unanimous #1 with all 8 having the same team in that spot. Once the point totals are added up, we list them in order from highest to lowest. This becomes our preseason top 25.

This year, the Florida Gators have been tabbed as our #1 team. The Gators return virtually every player from a 2020 team that was 16-1 and ended the season as the #1 team when COVID reared its ugly head. They have a deep and talented pitching staff and are looking to win their 2nd title in the past 4 years. Coming in at #2 was Texas Tech. Coach Tadlock and his Red Raiders are looking to avenge some very disappointing trips to Omaha in recent years and are sure to be a major force in 2021. At #3, we have the Vanderbilt Commodores, arguably the defending champs since they won the last CWS that was played. In 2020 Vanderbilt was replacing multiple stars from the 2019 National Championship squad and struggled a little with a very young team. Rounding out the top 5 are UCLA and Louisville.

If you are interested, you are welcome to come join us in College Baseball Smack. No fan base is turned away. We are especially interested in adding as many mid major fans as we can find. The more the merrier!!! Look forward to seeing your names pop up in a request to join and interacting with all of you in the future!!!!

Southern Slams Baseball will collaborate with College Baseball Smack on awards, content and more throughout the season. We are pleased to bring you the great content that is College Baseball Smack on multiple platforms, transforming the way we follow the game.

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