Who has the best atmosphere in the SEC?

Last week, Southern Slams Baseball conducted a 14-team bracket poll on Twitter to ask readers who they thought had the best atmosphere in the SEC.

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The seeding was based off 2019 attendance figures, since the 2020 season got cut-off due to COVID-19.

Thousands of votes were cast as notifications began to pile up. Fans got into it, maybe a little too much and laughs were had.

At the end of over four days of voting, the fans determined that Arkansas and Baum-Walker Stadium had the best atmosphere in the SEC. The Razorbacks held on to a razor-thin margin of victory over Texas A&M and Blue Bell Park.

Sure, there’s the Swayze Crazies, the Plainsman Parking Deck, UGA Greenhouse, Left Field Lounge and more… but at the end of the day, it was Arkansas and A&M who held their own in the polls.

Attendance capacity will be limited for the 2021 season, but we can’t wait to see these classic atmospheres all lit up again soon.

Here’s to a great season of SEC baseball.

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