Ranking the Uniforms in the SEC By Team

Everyone knows the SEC has the best baseball in the country year in and year out, but what many people do not know is that some of the best looking uniforms around also are worn by SEC teams. This article will be ranking the team uniforms from 14-1. This will entail each schools entire uniform collection. Without further ado, lets get started.

14: Missouri Tigers

Starting off the list we have the Missouri Tigers. Someone had to come in 14th and even though Missouri has great uniforms I just can’t find anyone to put them above. They do have a jersey that will make an appearance in the top 10 of individual jerseys, if they are still wearing it in the 2021 season. I like the Mizzou color scheme but all in all it’s just gonna be tough to beat out the teams in front of them.

13: Kentucky Wildcats

At 13 I have Kentucky. The Wildcats are 13 because they just have a pretty bland template for their uniforms and don’t have a really broad selection. The best jersey they have is the black with the UK logo on the chest. Other than that these jerseys look a lot like the uniforms you would see a high school team wear. I still like the jerseys and it’s probably a top 50 uniform in the country, but as stated before, the SEC has some of the best uniforms, so it’s tough to put the Cats any higher.

12: Tennessee Volunteers

Coming in at 12 we have the University of Tennessee. The Vols are going to surprise a lot of people with how good they are this year and ranking them at 12 may be a little low, but based on their entire collection it’s very hard to find a team to put below them. One of their jerseys will be making an appearance on a top 10 list, so stay tuned for that. The best jersey the Volunteers have are the orange with the script Vols. Tennessee’s orange is hit or miss with some people, but I believe this jersey is one of the better ones in the conference. Overall, I like the Tennessee jerseys but it’s just not enough to move higher on the list.

11: Georgia Bulldogs

At 11 we have the Georgia Bulldogs. Pretty much everything said about Kentucky also fits for Georgia. The uniforms are just bland. I know Georgia usually breaks out an alternate right before the season, so if they do that, look for them to potentially move up in future rankings. It is kind of disappointing that Georgia does not have better jerseys because with their color scheme they have so much potential. Again like with Kentucky the black uniforms are their best ones.

10: Alabama Crimson Tide

Coming in at 10, the University of Alabama. Alabama has a relatively basic logo and color scheme, but like with their football team, less is more. Their best jersey is the crimson jersey with the script “A” and white pinstripe pants. They do also have an all white pinstripe jersey with the script “A”. Alabama is a sleeper pick to win the conference this year and may be creeping towards having some of the best uniforms in the conference too.

9: South Carolina Gamecocks

At number 9 we have the South Carolina Gamecocks. Carolina has one of the most classic looks in the country. The white pinstripe uniform with the garnet script Carolina is an amazing uniform. The pinstripe look is always going to get you bonus points. Outside those uniforms, they just don’t have that many that really stick out to me. South Carolina is another school that will have a jersey in the top 10 of the individual uniforms.

8: Florida Gators

Coming in at 8 we have the preseason number 1 team in the country, the Florida Gators. The Gators have a classic color scheme and overall a great logo, but the jerseys are just average. The uniforms overall are classic and definitely worth a top 8 spot, but when looking at the rest of the list it was very hard to jump them in front of anyone else

7: LSU Tigers

At 7 we have the LSU Tigers. LSU is another team with a historic and classic look. I think the two most recognizable uniforms they have are the gold “Tigers” uniforms and the LSU logo on the chest of the white jersey. This school has some of the best uniforms in the country. It just goes to show how stacked the SEC is when it comes to uniforms. In a little bit of foreshadowing, LSU may be able to get two uniforms into the individual top 10.

6: Arkansas Razorbacks

At 6 are the Arkansas Razorbacks. The Razorbacks have another classic look with the red and white, with the gothic A. Arkansas is a perennial powerhouse in the SEC and has some of the best uniforms in the country. Anchored by the cream colored jerseys, Arkansas makes a solid case for top 5, but there are just too many teams in front of them with amazing uniforms. They easily have a top 15 uniform collection in the country, again showing the depth of the SEC.

5: Auburn Tigers

Our first spot in the top 5 goes to the Auburn Tigers. Auburn makes an appearance as another one of the two schools in the SEC sponsored by Under Armour. The orange jersey with the script Auburn makes a run for the best jersey in the conference. They really have everything you can ask for in a team based on jersey collection. I would not be surprised to see Auburn be ranked #1 on this list one day.

4: Mississippi State Bulldogs

The OmaDawgs come in at #4 on our list. While going through their jerseys it was very hard not to put them at #1 but as you’ll see with the top 3, they would have been very tough to beat. Mississippi State has always had some amazing jerseys. As an Adidas school they seem to be one of the schools that gets all of Adidas prototype uniforms. My personal favorite is the pinstripes with the script State across the chest. This will make a run for best jersey in the conference and maybe even the country.

3: Texas A&M Aggies

At number 3 we have perennial tournament team Texas A&M. A&M is another one of the Adidas schools on this list and they seem to constantly be rolling out amazing uniforms. A few years back A&M had the throwback “Texas Aggies” jerseys which flew off the shelves. They have not worn them since that year, but they have made up for it. The maroon pinstripes with the script Texas A&M across the chest just looks amazing, if A&M ever brings back the Texas Aggies uniforms they will be very tough to unseat from the top spot.

2: Vanderbilt Commodores

At 2 we’ve got the Vandy Boys. The reigning national champions are not only the best team in the country, but they may very well be one of the best looking teams in the country as well. Vandy has a great uniform collection which includes black uniforms with gold pinstripes, gold uniforms and even some patriotic inspired uniforms worn on Sunday home games. This collection is #2 in the country and #2 in the SEC. It easily could have been #1.

1: Ole Miss Rebels

Number one never really was a question. Ole Miss by far has the best uniforms in the country, not just the SEC. The Rebels have everything. They have pinstripes with script lettering, their red uniforms are amazing as well, but the uniform that puts them over the top is that amazing baby blue uniform with the script Ole Miss across the chest. Just imagine going into Oxford, Mississippi and seeing that uniform. You’re pretty much beat the second they step on the field for BP.

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