Southern Slams Baseball unveils Preseason Top 25

Well, we’ve almost made it.

An offseason longer than any other has finally led us back to baseball season. Last year, we launched our website with a dedicated team of writers just before disaster struck. Now, we’re back and better than ever before.

The Southern Slams staff has added a number of members to our hardworking staff, who put their passion for the game on display in their writing pieces.

With over a dozen entries to our Preseason Top 25 poll, we weigh the average position of each team’s rank to compile an unbiased and respected Top 25 list.

The following rankings have insight and analysis from writers on the Atlantic to the Pacific and far in between. Here’s our Preseason Top 25 for you to enjoy!

Preseason Top 25RecordPrevious Rank
1. Florida(0-0)N/A
2. Texas Tech(0-0)N/A
3. UCLA(0-0)N/A
4. Vanderbilt(0-0)N/A
5. Louisville(0-0)N/A
6. Ole Miss(0-0)N/A
7. Mississippi State(0-0)N/A
8. Arkansas(0-0)N/A
9. Virginia(0-0)N/A
10. Texas(0-0)N/A
11. Miami(0-0)N/A
12. UCSB(0-0)N/A
13. TCU(0-0)N/A
14. Georgia Tech(0-0)N/A
15. NC State(0-0)N/A
16. West Virginia(0-0)N/A
17. ECU(0-0)N/A
18. South Carolina(0-0)N/A
19. Florida St.(0-0)N/A
20. Auburn(0-0)N/A
21. Arizona(0-0)N/A
22. Wake Forest(0-0)N/A
23. Ok. State(0-0)N/A
24. Tennessee(0-0)N/A
25. Oklahoma(0-0)N/A
(Others receiving votes: Alabama, UCF, Duke, Michigan, UGA, A&M, Tulane, Southern Miss, Iowa, Minnesota)

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