Baseball America releases its Week 3 Top 25 list

Baseball America released its Top 25 rankings for Week 3 of the college season on Monday. The highly-respected publication is known to have lists that stand out a bit from the rest of the pack, but usually point out a number of teams that are falling under the radar.

The latest edition of Baseball America’s rankings are listed below.

  1. Florida
  2. Texas Tech
  3. Vanderbilt
  4. Georgia
  5. UCLA
  6. Miami
  7. Louisville
  8. Arizona State
  9. Ole Miss
  10. Michigan
  11. Oklahoma
  12. Mississippi State
  13. Arkansas
  14. Florida State
  15. NC State
  16. Duke
  17. LBSU
  18. Tennessee
  19. UCF
  20. LSU
  21. DBU
  22. TCU
  23. Clemson
  24. Auburn
  25. ECU

What do you all think? Let us know!

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